Umbrella Choices

At Patio World Bend we will assist you in finding the perfect umbrella to fit your style and outdoor living space. We carry umbrella sizes that will cover your space and each umbrella is customizable.

Here are some Treasure Garden umbrellas we carry:

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Measure Your Space

The first thing you need to do is measure your outdoor space. This will enable you to being the design process. Consider how you would like to use your patio - Lounging? Dining? Perhaps a fire pit?

Space Planning with Tape

Design your furniture layout with the help of masking/painter’s tape. Once you have decided upon a general layout for your furniture (e.g. a pair of lounge chairs, a side table, and a rug) you can then use the tape to map your design. Measure and create boxes on your patio floor to represent the pieces in your design. By marking your space in this way, you can plan the best spacing and layout to fit your needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. How do I want to use my patio? Will I be dining, lounging, or both?
  2. How many people do I want to be able to seat?
  3. How does the sunshine travel over my space during the day? Do I need an umbrella?
  4. Do I want to keep my existing furniture and add to my collection with complementary pieces?
  5. Create a “wishlist” for your dream patio.

How can we help?

We are here to assist you in creating your perfect outdoor living space. We carry a large selection of furniture to fit any space, style, and need. If you have existing furniture which you would like to complement, we have sample materials available for you to take home and find your match. If you come to our showroom with your space dimensions and patio wishlist, we will be prepared to best assist you!

Our patio showroom provides a wonderful opportunity to test, compare, sit and tailor furniture pieces to fit your style and comfort needs. It is like a big tasting menu with hundreds of options from which to choose. We invite you to come and discover your dream patio!

Science behind Shade Continued

In the previous article, we explained how shade can reduce the temperature. Each size umbrella covers a size area. Below are some tips on the sizes that can cover your patio area.

Outdoor Room Ideas


Are you having a home built? Sometimes builders can design a space too small to fit a dining and lounge area. Be sure to have your builder speak with us about your outdoor space and patio to meet your expectations.

Home builders don’t always pay attention to the outdoor atmosphere. They maybe building your dream home, but do they know the size of your outdoor space or where it faces?

We will work with your custom home builder to create the outdoor room of your dreams. Here are some styles and ideas to implement within your build and location.

Cliffside Contemporary

City Views

Delightful Driveway

Gorgeous Gardens

Stacked Stones

Tasteful Transitions

Modern Makeover

Grand Gorgeous

Vintage Victorian

Home Extension

Natural Wonder

Cantilevered Kitchen

Cool Cabana

Oceanfront Oasis

Sculptural Showcase

Rental Retreat

Updating History

Glass Act

Pretty Pergola

Dockside Delight

Urban Oasis

Natty Nautical


Image Credit

"The Outdoor Room Special Issue." Heart & Home. August 2017.

Hammock Heaven

Enjoy the sunny Central Oregon outdoors with the most comfortable hammock you will ever lay in. These hammocks are all weather, easy to clean, comfortable and stylish.

We carry a range of hammocks:









Eco-Friendly Design

The Hatteras Tufted hammock is filled with polyester, nonabsorbent fibers made from recycled, plastic drinking bottles.

The Hatteras Tufted hammock is filled with polyester, nonabsorbent fibers made from recycled, plastic drinking bottles.

Each hammock can hold two adults with a capacity of 450 lbs. The Sunbrella fabric makes it easy to clean and resistant to rot, mold, mildew, and staining. You can quickly spray it off or use a mild detergent, water, and a soft scrub brush. The hammock will drain and not collect water.

We also carry tree straps to hold up your hammock between trees without damage.

Measure Up

Be prepared when you come in the store by measuring your patio, furniture cushions, and have a line drawing of your patio setup.

Measure your patio

Measure the length, width, and depth of your patio. This will help us assist you in finding the right patio furniture that will fit your space.

Measure your furniture cushions

Measure the length, width, and depth of each cushion. By doing this you will be able to replace the cushion fabric if damaged or change to a new fabric pattern.

Make a line drawing of your patio and layout idea

By bringing a drawing of your patio and layout, we will have a better idea of the furniture available for your space.

Add Personality with an Outdoor Rug

You can change the look of your outdoor living space with a colorful outdoor rug. With many styles from which to choose, there is a style for everyone. These rugs will anchor your space and protect your deck or patio. They are made from polypropylene or recycled plastic, so they hold up to weather and sun.

We carry numerous styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Treasure Garden

Mariachi Imports

Made from Eco-friendly recycled plastic

Outdoor Rug Maintenance

  • Clean your rug with a water hose and diluted dish soap while scrubbing with a soft brush.
  • Make sure you clean the top and bottom of the rug.
  • Let the rug dry in the sun after cleaning.
  • We recommend cleaning the rug as needed and at the end of the season.
  • During winter months, roll up your rug and store it indoors. If this is not possible store in plastic in the garage.
  • If the rug should grow algae or moss clean with a little solution of bleach or vinegar.

*Some rugs may have specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer separate from these.

Umbrella 101

When people think of patio umbrellas, they think of the traditional table umbrella. The  umbrellas and accessories we carry have style, function, and technology built in. Learn about the different types that fit your personality.

Cantilever Octagon 13ft.png


Where traditional umbrellas have a pole in the center, a cantilever umbrella is an umbrella used to provide shade which is attached to a single freestanding pole on only one end.

Starlight Collar Tilt

Starlight umbrellas are traditional market umbrellas with LED lights installed within the ribs. This umbrella tilts by twisting the collar on the pole.

Market Auto Tilt

A market umbrella is the familiar, traditional umbrella with an auto tilt. The umbrella opens and tilts by cranking the lever.

Market Push Button Tilt

This traditional market umbrella tilts with a push of a button.

Umbrella Customization

All of our umbrellas are able to be customized. The fabric on the top can have a specific color, the bottom another color, and even the valance. Options are almost endless, you can even have a checkered pattern.

If anything should happen to the umbrella you have purchased, we are able to fix and repair the tops, ribs, poles, etc. We stand by our quality and can fix most any problem.


Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker   This umbrella light and speaker system clamps on any umbrella.

Luna Umbrella Light
with Bluetooth Speaker

This umbrella light and speaker system clamps on any umbrella.

Vega Umbrella Light - 36 LED Lights   This light will also fit any umbrella by clamping on the post or drop down post.

Vega Umbrella Light - 36 LED Lights

This light will also fit any umbrella by clamping on the post or drop down post.

Umbrella Covers   We offer protective umbrella covers for all umbrellas.

Umbrella Covers

We offer protective umbrella covers for all umbrellas.

Brands We Carry

Fire Pits Are Perfect for Fall

Fall is here and what could be better on a cold, chilly night than putting your toes up near a toasty fire pit?

Fire pits are not only the perfect addition for a comfortable fall patio, but they can be beautiful, efficient, and a reliable heat source when made of high quality materials by manufacturers who stand by their products.

Why Buy A Gas Fire Pit

Here at Patio World of Bend, we have a wide variety of beautiful and convenient fire pits, from propane tank types to ones that hook up directly to the gas line of your house and turn on with just flip a switch.  Not only are gas fire pits stylish, beautiful and free of smelly smoke, they also remove the need to buy and store messy and heavy fire wood.  This is a much cleaner option and easier and more convenient to use than wood burning fire pits. Not to mention, gas fire pits don't need wood, which prevents little pests and critters from living in a nasty wood pile.

Gas Fire Pit Options

If you are interested in incorporating a fire feature into your outdoor living space, come see all the options we have available, from stand-alone gas fire pits, to fire pit coffee tables, to fire pits that are hidden under a convenient Lazy Susan.  Our staff will help you pick from a variety of configurations, colors and table top options that work best with your outdoor space; all in various colors and textures to match your outside furniture retreat.

Why Spend More On Quality

Think spending a lot of money on a fire pit will have your money go up in smoke? Not true! Quality fire pits havelonger life and more appeal then the cheaper portable, lightweight, retail store brands which have few--if any--features and options to choose from. Cheap versions are often light enough to be carried away in the wind, have igniters that wear out easily and don't properly distribute heat, burning your fingers while roasting those S'mores and hot dogs!

Buying Local Versus Big Box

Buying locally not guarantees a fire pit that will withstand the finicky and varied Central Oregon weather, but our staff can also ensure you are meeting city codes and offer advice on where to put the fire pit in proximity to existing structures, trees,  and property lines. 

Let us help you with the homework so you can just enjoy the brisk night under a blanket of heat from your new fire pit. It's the perfect patio addition for the cold fall weather.

Non-Laborous Ideas for Your Labor Day Patio Party

How can you really enjoy your patio this Labor Day weekend? By hosting a non-laborous, Labor Day party with a menu that's as superb as the patio furniture you enjoy it on! Even though these recipes and ideas guarantee a good time in your outdoor space, they are simple enough to take the "labor" out of "Labor Day" planning.

How to Host a Great Labor Day Patio Party

The Menu

The Decorations

Going with a red, white and blue motif is the easiest way to add punch of Labor Day to your decor. One easy way to do this is with red, white and blue bandanas. Use them to sew together a cute tablecloth, or wrap them around plasticwear and put in mason jars for a nice, patriotic touch.

Another simple way to decorate is to clip those soon-to-brown flowers left in your garden and place in a mason jar with red or blue food coloring in the water for an added patriotic touch.

The Activities

The final component to a great Labor Day party is fun outdoor activities. One idea is to put small flags into the grass and have a "ring toss" around the flags. A giant beach ball and some water guns make for a fun race to the finish line game (first one to roll their ball to the finish line using the water guns wins). Or, put a "big" twist on an old classic with a game of giant beer pong. All you need is a ball and large buckets or garbage cans to play.

Finally, remember that an outdoor space is only as good as the furniture it is graced with. Comfortable seating, lots of places to set drinks and food, and sturdy, lasting furniture all enhance any outdoor party. If your patio space is in need of some updating, come meet with our in-house designer and see how Patio World of Bend can transform your space into a party-ready patio.