Western Home Journal Feature

We were very excited to be included in Western Home Journal’s Spring/Summer 2019 issue. Here is the excerpt of our section in Your Other Room is Waiting Outside:

Patio World


Scott Holmer is acutely aware that his clients spend as much time as possible outside because his successful business, Patio World, has been Central Oregon’s premier patio and outdoor furniture resource for over three decades. One of the largest showrooms in the state, Patio World offers luxury brand names such as Brown Jordan, Jensen Leisure, Tropitone, O.W. Lee, and Gloster. These hand-crafted collections use the highest quality materials and world-class artisans to create and enhance any outdoor living area.

However, what Holmer sees as an integral part of his business is emphasizing to his clients and their architects/builders the need to plan ahead for outdoor living. “I see it all the time. There are million-dollar-plus homes with all the bells and whistles, but they didn’t think ahead to their outdoor living needs and lifestyle from the onset. So, now they are forced to improvise and it’s frustrating. It’s helpful when the architect, builder, and landscape architect work together in unison to help the homeowner achieve maximum enjoyment in these spaces. Therefore, I urge the client to think about what he or she may want to have now or in the future.”

I see it all the time. There are million-dollar-plus homes with all the bells and whistles, but they didn’t think ahead to their outdoor living needs and lifestyle from the onset.

–Scott Holmer, Patio World


While stressing the importance of planning ahead to his clients, Holmer recognizes that outdoor rooms require ample space to function properly. “Outdoor furnishings once meant a few chairs around a table on the deck or a picnic table and benches in the backyard. Dining tables have now grown to seat 10 to 12 people for those wishing to entertain many guests. I encourage folks to think about the desired view when choosing a rectangular table. If your space only allows the table to be placed parallel to the house, you will then force your guests on one side of the table to look at the side of the house. I prefer to place rectangular tables at a 90° angle to the house. This way, most of the guests will have a more spacious view. Make sure that you have the right amount of space to accommodate your furnishings. A basic 48” round dining table with four chairs will need a minimum of 10’ x 10’ area. Provide for the space needed by measuring the furniture layout and then add at least two to three feet on all sides for walk-around space,” states Holmer. This is just one of many considerations when deciding upon dining sets, lounge groups, cooking, and hot tubbing areas. Take time to consider that the array of furniture models that Patio World has on its floor is only a sample of the variety of styles available. There may be up to a dozen options for the color of the frames, as well as possibly hundreds of choices in cushion fabrics.

powder coating is only a process, not a quality. An inexpensive powder coating might receive ‘one pass’ in its process. It’s very often quite thin, and you could easily scratch it with your fingernail. Our pieces are incredibly durable, scratch and chip resistant, and last a lifetime.

- Scott Holmer, Patio World


Beyond a myriad of furniture details related to the size, function, color, and style, is the exposure to the elements. “An aspect of your outdoor lifestyle might require a roof over your head, which extends beyond what a simple umbrella can accomplish. You might want to consider a retractable awning for sun and rain,” suggests Holmer. “I remember one of my customers said, ‘That dining set costs as much as what’s inside my house!’ I said, ‘Sure, so why don’t you take that dining set that’s inside the house and put it outside in your backyard for a couple of months and then tell me how it works out!” The fact is exposure to the sun, rain, and often sleet and snow can damage a box store version of a lounge chair in much less time than one thinks. “My clients may see a powder-coated piece and think it is fine. But powder coating is only a process, not a quality. An inexpensive powder coating might receive ‘one pass’ in its process. It’s very often quite thin, and you could easily scratch it with your fingernail. The pieces at Patio World are incredibly durable, scratch and chip resistant, and last a lifetime.”

When furnishing your outdoor space becomes an afterthought, that’s when your budget is affected by overages. Plan exclusively for these spaces, and no one gets surprised. Something else to think about is the amount of seasonal time that you spend outside. Holmer offers these words of experience: “People consider the summer as Memorial Day to Labor Day, but in reality, we have a month on either side. We offer an early bird special for those who order before the first week of May. March is a big month for Patio World because folks who plan ahead receive their outdoor furniture by the first week of May. We love when our customers start enjoying their outdoor rooms at the beginning of the season.”


Patio Furniture

In the Patio World showroom, we have a large selection of patio furniture styles. Each style is made of different materials to fit a specific taste or application. Some materials are (or no) maintenance and feature UV inhibitors to protect from the sun.

Look over some of these styles and materials to find the outdoor furniture style which suits your lifestyle.


Teak from Indonesia

Teak is a very durable wood containing natural oils that protect against termites and other pests. While teak requires some maintenance, care products are available to make that process easier.


Ipe from Bolivia

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a tropical hardwood that is meant to last. Ipe is very dense and excellent for outdoor use. This high-quality wood is durable, as well as insect and decay resistant.


Roble from South America

Roble is a dense, strong, but lightweight hardwood. The medium textured wood has a golden cast. It is often referred to as “South American Teak”.




Aluminum is a great choice for outdoor furniture. Lightweight and low-maintenance, aluminum frames are powder-coated for extra durability.


Wrought Iron & Steel

Our wrought iron and steel furniture feature full-circumference welds that will not deteriorate compared to most big-box store furniture.



Made of natural fiber or vinyl, the wicker of today offers a variety of color and design options. Our wicker furniture collections are woven over an aluminum frame creating more durable and long-lasting furniture.


Resin and MGP (Marine Grade Polymer)

Resin and Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) are synthetic materials which are environmentally conscious and extremely durable. Table tops, fire pits, and furniture made of these materials allow for innovative designs which stand the test of time.


Porcelain Tile Tops

We carry OW Lee tables featuring porcelain table tops which are strong, durable, and come in many styles from a traditional tile to a reclaimed wood looks and more.

Combining Materials

We also carry patio furniture that combines multiple materials like this swivel chair which features an aluminum frame, MGP arm caps, and vinyl wicker panels.

How to Choose a Fire Pit


An outdoor fire pit can create a perfect patio for entertaining. However, there are many questions you will want to consider before buying a fire pit.

  • What shape, style, and height do you like in a fire pit?

    There are a variety of heights that range from low profile to counter or dining height and options in between. Fire pits are available in round, square, or rectangular shapes.

  • How many people would you like to sit around your fire pit?

    Depending on the size of your area, certain shapes of fire pits may work better than others to allow space for more guests.

  • Fuel source: propane, natural gas, or bio-ethanol?

    Depending on your situation, you may need to consider what type of fuel you will need. Low profile fire pits may require a hose that extends from the pit to a propane tank.

  • What fire pit material best compliments your space and style?

    Fire pits are available in a variety of materials, such as wrought iron with porcelain tile tops, aluminum, concrete composite, and MGP (marine grade polymer).

  • What is your budget?

    The cost of fire pits will range based upon the size, material, and appropriate accessories needed.

Stop by our showroom and let us assist you in customizing your perfect fire pit. We will help you navigate through any questions you may have.

Pendleton Collection


We are excited to be an exclusive dealer of the OW Lee Pendleton fabric collection.

The idea was created to bring three heritage brands together:

Pendleton Woolen Mills - Known for their beautiful, unique woolen blankets and clothing, Sunbrella - The leader in creating durable, outdoor upholstery and fabric, and O.W. Lee - Known for creating timeless, outdoor patio furniture.

Come sit in the O.W. Lee Creighton Collection which features Pendleton fabric, on display in the Patio World Bend showroom.

Customize your O.W. Lee patio furniture by selecting from a dozen Pendleton fabric designs.

Pendleton Fabrics


Umbrella Choices

At Patio World Bend we will assist you in finding the perfect umbrella to fit your style and outdoor living space. We carry umbrella sizes that will cover your space and each umbrella is customizable.

Here are some Treasure Garden umbrellas we carry:

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Measure Your Space

The first thing you need to do is measure your outdoor space. This will enable you to being the design process. Consider how you would like to use your patio - Lounging? Dining? Perhaps a fire pit?

Space Planning with Tape

Design your furniture layout with the help of masking/painter’s tape. Once you have decided upon a general layout for your furniture (e.g. a pair of lounge chairs, a side table, and a rug) you can then use the tape to map your design. Measure and create boxes on your patio floor to represent the pieces in your design. By marking your space in this way, you can plan the best spacing and layout to fit your needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. How do I want to use my patio? Will I be dining, lounging, or both?
  2. How many people do I want to be able to seat?
  3. How does the sunshine travel over my space during the day? Do I need an umbrella?
  4. Do I want to keep my existing furniture and add to my collection with complementary pieces?
  5. Create a “wishlist” for your dream patio.

How can we help?

We are here to assist you in creating your perfect outdoor living space. We carry a large selection of furniture to fit any space, style, and need. If you have existing furniture which you would like to complement, we have sample materials available for you to take home and find your match. If you come to our showroom with your space dimensions and patio wishlist, we will be prepared to best assist you!

Our patio showroom provides a wonderful opportunity to test, compare, sit and tailor furniture pieces to fit your style and comfort needs. It is like a big tasting menu with hundreds of options from which to choose. We invite you to come and discover your dream patio!

Science behind Shade Continued

In the previous article, we explained how shade can reduce the temperature. Each size umbrella covers a size area. Below are some tips on the sizes that can cover your patio area.

Outdoor Room Ideas


Are you having a home built? Sometimes builders can design a space too small to fit a dining and lounge area. Be sure to have your builder speak with us about your outdoor space and patio to meet your expectations.

Home builders don’t always pay attention to the outdoor atmosphere. They maybe building your dream home, but do they know the size of your outdoor space or where it faces?

We will work with your custom home builder to create the outdoor room of your dreams. Here are some styles and ideas to implement within your build and location.

Cliffside Contemporary

City Views

Delightful Driveway

Gorgeous Gardens

Stacked Stones

Tasteful Transitions

Modern Makeover

Grand Gorgeous

Vintage Victorian

Home Extension

Natural Wonder

Cantilevered Kitchen

Cool Cabana

Oceanfront Oasis

Sculptural Showcase

Rental Retreat

Updating History

Glass Act

Pretty Pergola

Dockside Delight

Urban Oasis

Natty Nautical


Image Credit

"The Outdoor Room Special Issue." Heart & Home. August 2017.

Measure Up

Be prepared when you come in the store by measuring your patio, furniture cushions, and have a line drawing of your patio setup.

Measure your patio

Measure the length, width, and depth of your patio. This will help us assist you in finding the right patio furniture that will fit your space.

Measure your furniture cushions

Measure the length, width, and depth of each cushion. By doing this you will be able to replace the cushion fabric if damaged or change to a new fabric pattern.

Make a line drawing of your patio and layout idea

By bringing a drawing of your patio and layout, we will have a better idea of the furniture available for your space.

Add Personality with an Outdoor Rug

You can change the look of your outdoor living space with a colorful outdoor rug. With many styles from which to choose, there is a style for everyone. These rugs will anchor your space and protect your deck or patio. They are made from polypropylene or recycled plastic, so they hold up to weather and sun.

We carry numerous styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Treasure Garden

Mariachi Imports

Made from Eco-friendly recycled plastic

Outdoor Rug Maintenance

  • Clean your rug with a water hose and diluted dish soap while scrubbing with a soft brush.
  • Make sure you clean the top and bottom of the rug.
  • Let the rug dry in the sun after cleaning.
  • We recommend cleaning the rug as needed and at the end of the season.
  • During winter months, roll up your rug and store it indoors. If this is not possible store in plastic in the garage.
  • If the rug should grow algae or moss clean with a little solution of bleach or vinegar.

*Some rugs may have specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer separate from these.

Umbrella 101

When people think of patio umbrellas, they think of the traditional table umbrella. The  umbrellas and accessories we carry have style, function, and technology built in. Learn about the different types that fit your personality.

Cantilever Octagon 13ft.png


Where traditional umbrellas have a pole in the center, a cantilever umbrella is an umbrella used to provide shade which is attached to a single freestanding pole on only one end.

Starlight Collar Tilt

Starlight umbrellas are traditional market umbrellas with LED lights installed within the ribs. This umbrella tilts by twisting the collar on the pole.

Market Auto Tilt

A market umbrella is the familiar, traditional umbrella with an auto tilt. The umbrella opens and tilts by cranking the lever.

Market Push Button Tilt

This traditional market umbrella tilts with a push of a button.

Umbrella Customization

All of our umbrellas are able to be customized. The fabric on the top can have a specific color, the bottom another color, and even the valance. Options are almost endless, you can even have a checkered pattern.

If anything should happen to the umbrella you have purchased, we are able to fix and repair the tops, ribs, poles, etc. We stand by our quality and can fix most any problem.


Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker   This umbrella light and speaker system clamps on any umbrella.

Luna Umbrella Light
with Bluetooth Speaker

This umbrella light and speaker system clamps on any umbrella.

Vega Umbrella Light - 36 LED Lights   This light will also fit any umbrella by clamping on the post or drop down post.

Vega Umbrella Light - 36 LED Lights

This light will also fit any umbrella by clamping on the post or drop down post.

Umbrella Covers   We offer protective umbrella covers for all umbrellas.

Umbrella Covers

We offer protective umbrella covers for all umbrellas.

Brands We Carry