Why Buying a Patio Set At End Of Season Is A Good Thing

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, and most people are preparing to bring their outdoor furniture in for the season. Why then, would you consider buying a patio set now, when most people are putting theirs away?

Why Buying a Patio Set at the End of Summer Is a Good Idea

End of Summer Sales. Many outdoor furniture stores offer different varieties of products based on the season and are anxious to clear their showroom floor of summer items to make way for new products. At Patio World of Bend, our showroom floor is beginning to transform to make room for our Race Place inventory, and we are anxious to clear the floor. So, that means clearance prices of 1/2 off list price on our showroom stock of patio sets (over $2000), firepits and umbrellas. This means you get a great deal on patio furniture in-stock and no wait for shipping!

You Know What You Want. Over the course of the year when you are knee-deep in snow, your visions of warm summer sun may take over and lead you to make a hasty decision about your patio set. But if you buy at the end of summer, all of your wants are still top of mind. For example, you are thinking about where you need shade, what you like/don't like about your current set, and what sets you've seen around town that you really liked. All those notions seem to get clouded after being inside during the winter.

You Will Start the Season With a Brand New Set and No Wait. Granted, you won't get much use out of your new set this summer, but next spring, you will open your doors to a brand new set and you won't have to wait for shipping and delivery. You can be sitting pretty the first day the sun shines in spring!

No Out of Stock Worries. In the dead of spring and summer, some manufacturers are out of stock of the most popular sets, but if you order off-season, there's much less competition for select styles and fabrics.

Storage and Care Are Top of Mind. When you buy at the end of summer, you are more likely to consider storage dilemmas before purchasing because you know storage of your patio furniture is only a few weeks away. You are also more likely to buy the necessary covers and to protect your furniture if it's brand new at the end of the season.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to buy a patio furniture set at the end of summer, there are actually some distinct advantages to doing so! You will probably get a great deal on your new set and it will be bright, shiny and brand new when the sun peaks over the mountain for the first time in spring.