How To Create a Conversation-Ready Outdoor Space

If you love the idea of sitting on the back patio with a group of friends chatting over a fire pit into the late hours of night, then having an outdoor space that promotes conversation should be an important consideration when selecting your patio furniture.

Furniture that faces inward, provides lots of seating, and gives your guests reason to chat the night away are all considerations for the extroverted exterior decorator. Consider these tips for creating a chatty outdoor space.

How To Create a Social Outdoor Space

Choose pieces with lower backs.

Patio sets with high backs can block the view and conversation, creating a space that is cut off from the rest of the patio. Consider smaller pieces with low backs that don't cut off they eye-line or create a blockade that is hard to maneuver around.

Select a set that can be configured in a variety of ways.

Choosing a versatile set with movable pieces that can be configured in a variety of ways allows you to change the space based on your particular needs at a particular time, from small and intimate dinner parties, to large social engagements.

Know how to configure your entire patio.

Don't stop with a single outdoor sofa. Configure your entire patio space to promote conversation. Just like the interior of a house, a great outdoor space has a variety of seating options that create conversational islands within your outdoors. Circular pieces and patio sets that face inward are two ways to promote an intimate, social seating area.

Pick a set with lots of seating.

Sectionals, sofa combination and curved couches provide a lot of seating in themselves, and paired with a few chairs, a chaise, rocker, or a loveseat, they can provide seating for a entire party.

Select accessories that keep the conversation going, no matter the weather.

Fire pit tables for when it's cold, and shady umbrellas for when it's hot, all keep a space comfortable no matter the weather, and keep your casual party going.

Opt for an outdoor kitchen.

You don't want to have to break up the party just because you are grilling. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution for grill masters who like to entertain while they cook.

Make sure there are lots of spaces for drinks and plates.

Yes, everyone loves a comfy outdoor sofa, but if there isn't a table for setting down a drink or placing an appetizer plate, guests may quickly become uncomfortable. Side tables, coffee table or fire pits with an insert to create a usable tabletop are all important additions to your patio space. Or, if you are the outdoor dinner party type, maybe you scratch the sofa set all together and opt for a cozy-comfy table and chairs instead.

Decorate like your indoors.

Finally, don't forget that a welcoming and comfortable space means lighting, color and decor. Just like you would decorate an interior space, your outdoor space should have all the required comforts and aesthetic appeal of your interior. Lighting, blankets, tray tables and pillows should be used outside to create a cozy, intimate space that promotes socializing.

All of these tips can help you create a conversation-ready social space outdoors, but for the most impact, consider getting the advice of a professional. Our in-house designer can help you select the perfect pieces to create an outdoor space that promotes socializing and keeps your guests happy and comfortable long into the summer night.