Ideas for Keeping Warm On a Patio

As the first 40-degree day of 2017 approaches in Central Oregon, we have to admit that we have a touch of cabin fever. We just can't help our love for the outdoors, and we've seen a little less of it this month due to record-breaking snow pack on our patios.

But once the snow mounds start to melt to a level that doesn't cover our knee caps, you can be sure that we will be back on our patio, enjoying a warm mug of tea and taking in every breathtaking, snow-covered peak in our eye line.

But if you a newcomer to Bend, or reside outside of Central Oregon where temperatures rarely hover around the freezing mark, we want to help you enjoy your patio year-round too! So, here are some clever ways to stay warm on your patio during blustery winter weather.

Invest in a Fire Pit.

Practical, warm and great at creating atmosphere, fire pits are the most common way Oregonians keep toasty when the mercury drops. But this isn't your dad's burn barrel! Fire pits have come a long way, offering a smoke-free gas flame, variety of colorful media and a multitude of structures, shapes and designs to match any patio. At Patio World of Bend, we even have a fire pit that introduces the newest innovation in outdoor flame: the Ofyr Sculptural Grill which allows you to keep warm around this gorgeous work of art while also grilling your dinner.

Put Out Blankets.

So simple, but adding outdoor blankets to your outdoor space can create a warm, comfortable outdoor retreat. Invest in a set of outdoor blankets, or collect an assortment from your travels abroad: Mexican blankets make for great outdoor use!

Create Cover.

Picnic shelters, pavilions, gazebos, sun rooms, lean-to's and enclosed porches all offer refuge from the cold in the winter, and sun in the summer. These spaces make cold temperatures tolerable and free from rain, snow and even wind.

Go Soaking.

Another way many Oregonians get outdoor time even when it's cold outside is by soaking in a hot tub. A warm soak is actually better in the snow and cold, offering a huge "ahhhh" moment as you dip your feet in after a brisk run to the spa in a swimsuit and towel. Not a fan of the water? Saunas can also offer refuge and make an attractive addition to your outdoor space.

Patio Heaters and Fireplaces.

Another alternative to the fire pit is a patio heater or built-in fireplace. A slightly bigger investment than a fire pit, a fireplace or high BTU unit can produce a large amount of heat. Built in fireplaces are the most expensive option, but incredibly attractive and available in gas or wood-burning. Patio heaters can be stand-alone or mounted and are offered in electrical (which are expensive to run but easy to use) or propane. If you opt for this addition to your patio, be sure to follow all safety protocol and secure all stand alone units to prevent them from tipping over.

When you have a gorgeous patio, you want to use rain or shine! Adding element to keep you warm when the weather gets cold can help you enjoy your patio space all year round.