Considerations for an Outdoor Kitchen

Is there anything better than a warm day, grilling with friends on the back patio on a gorgeous outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are causing quite a bit of neighborhood envy, and many of our customers have come in search of the perfect kitchen for their outdoor space.

We are now offering a huge selection of modular outdoor kitchens by Sunset Bay Outdoor Kitchens. These kitchens are hand-crafted right here in the USA using materials sourced within the states.

We think there's no better way to upgrade your outdoor space than with these efficient and customize-able outdoor kitchen pieces. But before you dive into those daydreams about partying in your new outdoor kitchen space, it's important to consider the following to determine the right set up for your outdoor space.

Considerations for Purchasing an Outdoor Kitchen

1. Permits. Large, built-in kitchens may require a city permit to build. If you want to avoid the hassle and headache of permitting your new kitchen, consider a modular unit like the ones from Sunset Bay. They look great without requiring the prepping and building of a permitted outdoor kitchen.

2. Your Evolving Needs. With most outdoor kitchens, the costly install and permanent position of the kitchen means you are stuck with the design for the life of the property. But modular units can be moved, expanded or evolved to fit your future needs.

3. The Elements. Unlike an indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen finishes and appliances are subject to dramatic swings in temperature and are exposed to wind, water, ice, frost and heat. What may seem like a good deal at first can be costly for homeowners if the kitchen does not stand up to the Central Oregon elements or requires an absurd amount of maintenance. Selecting pieces specifically designed to resist temperature swings and the outdoor elements, no matter the cost, can save you money in the future.

4. Layout. Applying traditional kitchen layout principles to an outdoor kitchen is not always feasible because outdoor kitchens usually have no walls or structural boundaries. Well-thoughtout outdoor kitchens are built to combat these issues by making all the exposed sides of the pieces attractive.

5. Utilities. Because outdoor kitchens usually don't have access to water/power/gas (or if they do there are no walls to hide pipes, hoses and electrical wires) it can be difficult to bring in utilities in an attractive way. That's why most people opt for portable units such as grills that use propane tanks, and stoves, fire pits and ovens that use fire as a heat source. Open-wood flame cooking options, like this sculptural wood fire grill are the perfect compromise between outdoor cooking and stylish elegance.

Your level of commitment to the building, permitting, maintenancing and design of an outdoor kitchen all play a role in determining the right outdoor kitchen for your space. But if you can find pieces that are modular, reliable and work well with your current space, you will be happy with your selection for years to come.