Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Measure Your Space

The first thing you need to do is measure your outdoor space. This will enable you to being the design process. Consider how you would like to use your patio - Lounging? Dining? Perhaps a fire pit?

Space Planning with Tape

Design your furniture layout with the help of masking/painter’s tape. Once you have decided upon a general layout for your furniture (e.g. a pair of lounge chairs, a side table, and a rug) you can then use the tape to map your design. Measure and create boxes on your patio floor to represent the pieces in your design. By marking your space in this way, you can plan the best spacing and layout to fit your needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. How do I want to use my patio? Will I be dining, lounging, or both?
  2. How many people do I want to be able to seat?
  3. How does the sunshine travel over my space during the day? Do I need an umbrella?
  4. Do I want to keep my existing furniture and add to my collection with complementary pieces?
  5. Create a “wishlist” for your dream patio.

How can we help?

We are here to assist you in creating your perfect outdoor living space. We carry a large selection of furniture to fit any space, style, and need. If you have existing furniture which you would like to complement, we have sample materials available for you to take home and find your match. If you come to our showroom with your space dimensions and patio wishlist, we will be prepared to best assist you!

Our patio showroom provides a wonderful opportunity to test, compare, sit and tailor furniture pieces to fit your style and comfort needs. It is like a big tasting menu with hundreds of options from which to choose. We invite you to come and discover your dream patio!