How to Choose a Fire Pit


An outdoor fire pit can create a perfect patio for entertaining. However, there are many questions you will want to consider before buying a fire pit.

  • What shape, style, and height do you like in a fire pit?

    There are a variety of heights that range from low profile to counter or dining height and options in between. Fire pits are available in round, square, or rectangular shapes.

  • How many people would you like to sit around your fire pit?

    Depending on the size of your area, certain shapes of fire pits may work better than others to allow space for more guests.

  • Fuel source: propane, natural gas, or bio-ethanol?

    Depending on your situation, you may need to consider what type of fuel you will need. Low profile fire pits may require a hose that extends from the pit to a propane tank.

  • What fire pit material best compliments your space and style?

    Fire pits are available in a variety of materials, such as wrought iron with porcelain tile tops, aluminum, concrete composite, and MGP (marine grade polymer).

  • What is your budget?

    The cost of fire pits will range based upon the size, material, and appropriate accessories needed.

Stop by our showroom and let us assist you in customizing your perfect fire pit. We will help you navigate through any questions you may have.