Patio Furniture

Fire Pits Are Perfect for Fall

Fall is here and what could be better on a cold, chilly night than putting your toes up near a toasty fire pit?

Fire pits are not only the perfect addition for a comfortable fall patio, but they can be beautiful, efficient, and a reliable heat source when made of high quality materials by manufacturers who stand by their products.

Why Buy A Gas Fire Pit

Here at Patio World of Bend, we have a wide variety of beautiful and convenient fire pits, from propane tank types to ones that hook up directly to the gas line of your house and turn on with just flip a switch.  Not only are gas fire pits stylish, beautiful and free of smelly smoke, they also remove the need to buy and store messy and heavy fire wood.  This is a much cleaner option and easier and more convenient to use than wood burning fire pits. Not to mention, gas fire pits don't need wood, which prevents little pests and critters from living in a nasty wood pile.

Gas Fire Pit Options

If you are interested in incorporating a fire feature into your outdoor living space, come see all the options we have available, from stand-alone gas fire pits, to fire pit coffee tables, to fire pits that are hidden under a convenient Lazy Susan.  Our staff will help you pick from a variety of configurations, colors and table top options that work best with your outdoor space; all in various colors and textures to match your outside furniture retreat.

Why Spend More On Quality

Think spending a lot of money on a fire pit will have your money go up in smoke? Not true! Quality fire pits havelonger life and more appeal then the cheaper portable, lightweight, retail store brands which have few--if any--features and options to choose from. Cheap versions are often light enough to be carried away in the wind, have igniters that wear out easily and don't properly distribute heat, burning your fingers while roasting those S'mores and hot dogs!

Buying Local Versus Big Box

Buying locally not guarantees a fire pit that will withstand the finicky and varied Central Oregon weather, but our staff can also ensure you are meeting city codes and offer advice on where to put the fire pit in proximity to existing structures, trees,  and property lines. 

Let us help you with the homework so you can just enjoy the brisk night under a blanket of heat from your new fire pit. It's the perfect patio addition for the cold fall weather.