How to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

When you look around the showroom of Patio World in Bend, Oregon, what you see is a floor filled with brightly colored furniture displays, bold patterned rugs, bright outdoor umbrellas, and fun Sunbrella fabrics covering decorative outdoor pillows.

The vibrant showroom appeals to the eye, and that’s because Showroom Designer and Sales Manager, Paula, knows that a colorful outdoor space can really maximize the potential of your patio.

“The biggest mistake people make is being afraid to use color outside,” says Paula.  Paula noted that customers are often afraid to make a statement in their backyard with color, opting for much more traditional and neutral-toned fabrics and pieces like rust or khaki that can blend in with the high desert surroundings. But, she notes, “color” doesn’t always have to be bold or intimidating. Color can just mean adding multiple neutrals to your outdoor space, or sneaking in touches of color with decorative outdoor pillows and accessories.

That’s the advantage to having an in-house designer right here in our Patio World showroom (the largest outdoor furniture showroom in Oregon). Because homeowners are often nervous about picking colors for their patio furniture, Paula can help coordinate a space that has personality and vibrancy, even if the color palette is on the more neutral side. “You won’t believe what a pop of color can do for a space.”

If you are ready to get pretty with color, we have a few tips for turning your drab patio space into a luscious place of colorful touches:

How to Add Color to an Outdoor Patio

Pick a color palette. Just as you would pick paint colors for a house, or a color palette for your interior, you should pick a palette of complementary colors for your outdoor space as well. To do this, try one of the following techniques:

1) Look around at your closet and choose from the colors you wear most often.

2) Take the color palette of your interior décor and amp it up by choosing two shades brighter or darker than your interior color palette.

3) Look for online help on platforms such as Pinterest where people have put together winning color combinations for you.

Pick a color personality. Antiques and vintage decor tend to have a more muted color palette, while some prefer Earthy tones and others don’t mind applying a playful burst of color. There is no right or wrong way to go, just make sure your color palette is consistent with your home and patio’s personality.

Brighten with paint. Adding a bold statement of color by painting your fence, back door, gate, or railing can make a big impact with a small can of paint. Generally, we don’t think to paint things like a railing, but who says you can’t? Be bold and creative.

Make a bold fabric choice. Because the outdoors are generally more colorful than the indoors, the colors found in nature allow for eye-popping décor that doesn’t overwhelm the eye when placed next against bright scenery. So, while red sofa cushions may be too much of a statement for you in your living room, you may be surprised how beautifully they complement your exterior space.

Pick colorful furniture accent pieces. If the thought of an outdoor sofa with bright fabric makes you break into hives, start slowly with a colorful accent piece like a chair, ottoman, swing, or conversation table.

Pick colorful accessories. If you are not ready to take the full plunge into a colorful patio set, then choose a neutral patio set and brighten the space with bold accents such as pillows in a brightly-patterned Sunbrella fabric, a colorful outdoor rug, colorful potted plants, artsy stepping stones, colored fireplace stones, or bright outdoor table accessories.

Beautiful furniture can only take you so far. But between the beautiful offerings at Patio World, and personal attention from our in-house designer, Paula, you are sure to have a patio set that lasting in both quality and taste!