How to Choose Patio Furniture That Lasts

The most Eco-conscience things you can do when buying an outdoor patio set, is to buy a quality set that will last both in taste and function, so that it doesn't end up in the landfill after a few years.

At Patio World of Bend Oregon, we believe with the help of our expert floor staff and in-house designer, you can select a quality patio set that will withstand the harsh Central Oregon weather, maintain it's beauty over several years, and be comfortable and stylish enough for you to fall back in love with it every summer.

But meeting this level of sustainability is no easy feat. It requires investing upfront in quality materials, tried and true manufacturing processes, and style choices that outlast the latest trends.

How To Choose A Patio Set That Will Last

Select furniture made from quality, lasting materials. The age-old saying "you get what you pay for" could not be more true for patio furniture. While plastic furniture has a tempting price tag, it won't look so gorgeous after more than a year in the sun, becoming faded and brittle in little time. The same is true for cheap wicker and wood products.

Choosing furniture that is built from strong bones will stand the test of time, and our sales staff can help you find exactly that. We only order pieces with sturdy frames and resilient materials like wovens and wicker, metal, solid timber and other hardwoods. Some of these materials--like iron--are nearly maintenance free, while others require occasional staining or oiling. We can make sure to help you pick a set that meets the level of maintenance that suits your lifestyle.

Buy from a retailer that understands the local environment. Because we are residents of Bend, Oregon, we understand the harsh elements your patio furniture will have to withstand. Unlike a big box store, we give you personalized advice about where to put pieces so they get the least amount of wear and tear, and only order products that can withstand the 300 days of sunlight and an occasional spring snowstorm.

Anticipate the maintenance needs of your patio set. You can add years to the life of your patio furniture by storing it in a protected location, such as a a garage or basement during the off season, or perhaps you opt for a collapsible or easy-to-store set. But if that's not an option, our sales staff can lead your towards pieces that withstand the heavy snowpack and also offer advice for covering your furniture and storing it for the winter, so it looks like new each season.

Choose a style that will appeal to your tastes in the long haul. While you may be temped by that unique umbrella-ed chaise or trendy floral pattern, you may feel differently five or ten years down the road. Our in-house designer can help you select a style and pattern that is unique to your taste, yet classic enough for you to fall in love with your patio set over and over again.

The right combination of materials and design of your quality patio set can ensure the longevity of your open air space, making sure that your investment, though big initially, stands the test of time.