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Non-Laborous Ideas for Your Labor Day Patio Party

How can you really enjoy your patio this Labor Day weekend? By hosting a non-laborous, Labor Day party with a menu that's as superb as the patio furniture you enjoy it on! Even though these recipes and ideas guarantee a good time in your outdoor space, they are simple enough to take the "labor" out of "Labor Day" planning.

How to Host a Great Labor Day Patio Party

The Menu

The Decorations

Going with a red, white and blue motif is the easiest way to add punch of Labor Day to your decor. One easy way to do this is with red, white and blue bandanas. Use them to sew together a cute tablecloth, or wrap them around plasticwear and put in mason jars for a nice, patriotic touch.

Another simple way to decorate is to clip those soon-to-brown flowers left in your garden and place in a mason jar with red or blue food coloring in the water for an added patriotic touch.

The Activities

The final component to a great Labor Day party is fun outdoor activities. One idea is to put small flags into the grass and have a "ring toss" around the flags. A giant beach ball and some water guns make for a fun race to the finish line game (first one to roll their ball to the finish line using the water guns wins). Or, put a "big" twist on an old classic with a game of giant beer pong. All you need is a ball and large buckets or garbage cans to play.

Finally, remember that an outdoor space is only as good as the furniture it is graced with. Comfortable seating, lots of places to set drinks and food, and sturdy, lasting furniture all enhance any outdoor party. If your patio space is in need of some updating, come meet with our in-house designer and see how Patio World of Bend can transform your space into a party-ready patio.